Elise Archer Club Championships

The 2018 Club Championship is sponsored by our friend, Elise Archer. Cripps Waratah are the defending champion. The Club Championship promotes Club spirit, pride and commitment. The Elise Archer Club Championship award will be presented at the STNA Presentation Evening on Saturday 1st of September.

Round 16 of the Club Championship saw Glendon Kingston Blues win 13 out of their 20 games to take the round win and keep the pressure on ladder leaders Cripps Waratah.
AYC Co-op Toyota came in second, and would have taken top points if they had managed to complete the comeback that they almost pulled off in their 15b match against Kingston White. 14-28 down at 3/4 time, they had cut the deficit to 6 halfway through the last quarter before just falling short.
Cripps Waratah, St Lukes Health Karana, Tassal Huon Valley and Cooper Automotive Kilburn took the rest of the multiple points, with Huon moving up a place on the ladder over MMib Palena Panthers.
The Club Championships results will be embargoed for the remaining four rounds, with the winner revealed at the presentation dinner.

Cripps Waratah 103.5
Glendon Kingston Blues 77.5
Cooper Automotive Kilburn 68
Tassal Huon Valley 60.5
MMiB Palena Panthers 59.5
AYC Co-op Toyota 39.5
St Lukes Health Karana 31
Bendigo Bank South East Suns 28
Wrest Point OHA 27
Good to Great Kingborough Tigers 24.5
Friends 21

In Round 15 of the Club Championships, Tassal Huon Valley picked up their second win for the year, with 67% of their games won, including a tough 28-21 win for the 13b team over OHA Gold. The 10 points consolidates their 5th place on the ladder and has them breathing down the neck of MMiB Palena Panthers.
Glendon Kingston Blues had a solid round to take second place and reclaim second overall, and Palena took third. Cripps Waratah, St Lukes Health Karana and Good to Great Kingborough Tigers rounded out the multiple points.

Cripps Waratah 98.5
Glendon Kingston Blues 67.5
Cooper Automotive Kilburn 66
MMiB Palena Panthers 58.5
Tassal Huon Valley 57.5
AYC Co-op Toyota 32.5
Bendigo Bank South East Suns 27
St Lukes Health Karana 27
Wrest Point OHA 26
Good to Great Kingborough Tigers 23.5
Friends 20

Round 14 of the Club Championships saw some great results. Cooper Automotive Kilburn continued a resurgent year, with their 17 wins out of 25 games across almost every junior age group, including both 15b teams, giving them their third win for the year and taking back second place from Glendon Kingston Blues yet again.
St Lukes Health Karana had easily their best round for the season, nabbing victory in two thirds of their matches to claim second place and start their move up the leaderboard.
Tassal Huon Valley and Cripps Waratah shared third place, with Glendon Kingston Blues and MMiB Palena Panthers rounding out the multiple points.

Cripps Waratah 94.5
Cooper Automotive Kilburn 65
Glendon Kingston Blues 60.5
MMiB Palena Panthers 53.5
Tassal Huon Valley 47.5
AYC Co-op Toyota 31.5
Bendigo Bank South East Suns 26
Wrest Point OHA 25
St Lukes Health Karana 24
Good to Great Kingborough Tigers 21.5
Friends 19

In Round 13 of the Club Championship, Cripps Waratah had their 6th win for the year (and their 19th out of the last 30) to extend their lead at the top.
AYC Co-op Toyota came a close second, and had they managed to beat Cripps Waratah Black in their 3rd v 4th clash in 15b, would have taken maximum points.
Glendon Kingston Blues' third place got them back into second overall, while MMib Palena, Wrest Point OHA and Cooper Automotive Kilburn rounded out the multiple points.

Cripps Waratah 90
Glendon Kingston Blues 57.5
Cooper Automotive Kilburn 55
MMiB Palena Panthers 51.5
Tassal Huon Valley 43
AYC Co-op Toyota 30.5
Bendigo Bank South East Suns 25
Wrest Point OHA 24
Good to Great Kingborough Tigers 20.5
Friends 18
St Lukes Health Karana 17

Round 12 of the Club Championship, which included the catchup games played the week before, saw Cooper Automotive Kilburn have their second victory for 2018, winning 16 out of the 19 games they played and jumping them into second place overall.

2nd Grade White's win over OHA in the rain on Saturday was just enough to keep the club above second placed Tassal Huon Valley, who could have had a clean sweep if they had won their close Premier League match on Wednesday night. Cripps Waratah had another solid week to claim third, while AYC Co-op Toyota's 11 out of 19 saw them take fourth.

Cripps Waratah 80
Cooper Automotive Kilburn 53
Glendon Kingston Blues 52.5
MMiB Palena Panthers 47.5
Tassal Huon Valley 42
Bendigo Bank South East Suns 24
AYC Co-op Toyota 23.5
Wrest Point OHA 21
Good to Great Kingborough Tigers 19.5
Friends 17
St Lukes Health Karana 16

Tassal Huon Valley had their first round win of the year in the Club Championship, taking Round 11 with 66.7% of their games with the highlight being 2nd Grade's hard-fought eight goal win over ladder leaders Kilburn Blue. With the round seeing six draws and all three Stingas teams winning their matches, the only other club to top a 50% win rate was Glendon Kingston Blues who took second and closed the gap to the ladder leaders. MMiB Palena Panthers and Good to Great Kingborough Tigers shared third place for 4.5 points each while Cripps Waratah and Bendigo Bank South East Suns rounded out the multiple points.

Cripps Waratah 75
Glendon Kingston Blues 51.5
MMiB Palena Panthers 44.5
Cooper Automotive Kilburn 43
Tassal Huon Valley 35
Bendigo Bank South East Suns 23
Wrest Point OHA 20
AYC Co-op Toyota 19.5
Good to Great Kingborough Tigers 18.5
Friends 16
St Lukes Health Karana 14

In Round 10 of the Club Championship, Cripps Waratah extended their overall lead with another strong performance, winning 20 out of their 26 games. Cooper Automotive Kilburn have continued their resurgent year with a 68.2% win rate to get them second place for the week and take them to third overall, just 2.5 point behind Glendon Kingston Blues. Third for the week was Wrest Point OHA, who have recovered from a slow start to the year by picking up multiple points three weeks in a row. The top four for this round was rounded out by AYC Co-op Toyota.

Cripps Waratah 72
Glendon Kingston Blues 44.5
Cooper Automotive Kilburn 42
MMiB Palena Panthers 40
Tassal Huon Valley 25
Bendigo Bank South East Suns 21
Wrest Point OHA 19
AYC Co-op Toyota 18.5
Friends 15
Good to Great Kingborough Tigers 14
St Lukes Health Karana 13

Round 9 of the Club Championship saw Glendon Kingston Blues storm up the leaderboard from 4th to 2nd with a huge round, in which they won all but three games (one of which they drew) for an impressive 85% win rate. The big Blue started with Premier League defeating Huon on Wednesday night, and finished at 4:10pm on Saturday night with 4th Grade having a convincing win over MMiB Palena to steal their second spot overall.

Cripps Waratah had a solid 20 wins out of 32 to take second spot for the round, and maintain their overall lead, while Good to Great Kingborough Tigers and Wrest Point OHA shared 3rd place. AYC Co-op Toyota and Tassal Huon Valley rounded out the multiple point positions.

With almost all of Round 8 being cancelled, the few remaining games have not been included in the Club Championship calculations.

Cripps Waratah 62
Glendon Kingston Blues 43.5
MMiB Palena Panthers 39
Cooper Automotive Kilburn 35
Tassal Huon Valley 23
Bendigo Bank South East Suns 20
AYC Co-op Toyota 14.5
Friends 14
Wrest Point OHA 14
Good to Great Kingborough Tigers 13
St Lukes Health Karana 10

Round 7 of the Elise Archer Club Championship saw Cripps Waratah just edge out MMiB Palena Panthers for the round win. Cripps won 17 games from 28 to Palena’s 16 from 29. Cripps Waratah now has a 17 point lead and Palena are safer in second place. A win in the drawn game in 21 div 2 between Palena and Wrest Point OHA would have be enough for top spot for the chasers.

Cripps Waratah 55
MMiB Palena Panthers 38
Cooper Automotive Kilburn 34
Glendon Kingston Blues 33.5
Tassal Huon Valley 21
Bendigo Bank South East Suns 19
Friends 13
AYC Co-op Toyota 11.5
Wrest Point OHA 9.5
St Lukes Health Karana 9
Good to Great Kingborough Tigers 8.5

Round 6 of the Elise Archer Club Championship saw Glendon Kingston Blues return to the winner's spot for the first time in 2018. 12 wins out of 19 games gave them a percentage of 63.2%, just edging out Cripps Waratah in second and MMiB Palena Panthers in third. Bendigo Bank South East Suns took fourth place with a 50% hit rate.
Had Cripps Waratah Black managed to topple Kingston's 13a side, they could have reversed the top two positions, but a dominant defensive performance from the Blues held them to 12 goals and ensured the 10 Club Championship points.

Leaderboard as at Rd 6
Cripps Waratah 45
MMiB Palena Panthers 31
Glendon Kingston Blues 31
Cooper Automotive Kilburn 29
Tassal Huon Valley 20
Bendigo Bank South East Suns 15
Friends 12
AYC Co-op Toyota 10.5
St Lukes Health Karana 8
Good to Great Kingborough Tigers 7.5
Wrest Point OHA 7

Cripps Waratah has won Round 5 of the Elise Archer Club Championship making it 3 wins in the first 5 rounds and extend their overall lead from 7 points to 11 points. Cripps dominated the round with 18 wins from 29 games and were way ahead of the pack. For the round Cripps scored 976 goals whilst only conceding 646 goals to achieve a significant boost to their percentages.

Cooper Automotive Kilburn have backed up their win from Round 4 with second place in round 5 and are now leading the chasing pack just ahead of MMiB Palena Panthers. One more win for the Panthers and they would still be in second place, every win counts.

Leaderboard as at Rd 5
Cripps Waratah 38
Cooper Automotive Kilburn 27
MMiB Palena Panthers 26
Glendon Kingston Blues 21
Tassal Huon Valley 19
Friends 11
Bendigo Bank South East Suns 11
AYC Co-op Toyota 9.5
Good to Great Kingborough Tigers 6.5
Wrest Point OHA 6
St Lukes Health Karana 5

Congratulations to Cooper Automotive Kilburn on winning Round 4 of the Club Championships. This is the first win for Kilburn since Round 18 in 2014 and sees them move up a place on the leaderboard to fourth.

Glendon Kingston Blues are second this week and move up to third place at the expense of Tassal Huon Valley with Bendigo Bank South East Suns taking out third for round 4.

Kilburn were just one win ahead of Kingston and their win in 15&under div 2 was crucial to the round results. Kilburn withstood a fast finishing Kingston Aqua at 11am on Saturday for an exciting 1 goal win that secured them top spot for round 4.

Cripps Waratah 28
MMiB Palena Panthers 21
Glendon Kingston Blues 20
Cooper Automotive Kilburn 20
Tassal Huon Valley 15
Friends 10
AYC Co-op Toyota 8.5
Bendigo Bank South East Suns 8
Good to Great Kingborough Tigers 5.5
St Lukes Health Karana 4
Wrest Point OHA 4

Round 3 was spread across two weeks, and the convincing round winner of the Club Championships was Cripps Waratah following on from Round 2 with another 70+% win rate. MMiB Palena Panthers were back after a second week blip to pick up the points for second, while Glendon Kingston Blues just pipped Cooper Automotive Kilburn for third place, with that placing decided by Kingston Pink's 26-24 win over Kilburn in 17ab.

Cripps Waratah 25
MMiB Palena Panthers 18
Glendon Kingston Blues 13
Tassal Huon Valley 12
Cooper Automotive Kilburn 10
Friends 9
AYC Co-op Toyota 7.5
Good to Great Kingborough Tigers 4.5
Bendigo Bank South East Suns 3
St Lukes Health Karana 3
Wrest Point OHA 3

The winner of round 2 of the Elise Archer Club Championships is Cripps Waratah, taking up where they left off in 2017. Last year’s winners had a remarkable 22 victories for a 71% success rate, with Friends hot on their heels at 67%.

In 2nd Grade, Cripps’ strong team only just held out the new kids on the block Kingborough Tigers in a tough 50-46 win.

Kingston Blues were third for the week, while Kilburn continued their promising start to the year in fourth.

Cripps Waratah 15
MMiB Palena Panthers 11
Tassal Huon Valley 9.5
Glendon Kingston Blues 8
Friends 8
Cooper Automotive Kilburn 6
AYC Co-op Toyota 5
Good to Great Kingborough Tigers 3.5
Bendigo Bank South East Suns 2
St Lukes Health Karana 2
Wrest Point OHA 2

The winner of round 1 of the Elise Archer Club Championships is MMiB Palena Panthers! The Panthers have continued on from their strong finish to the 2017 season with 17 wins from 26 games at 65% to be just ahead of Tassal Huon Valley in second place on 62%.

The highlight win for Palena was their first grade team that defeated Wrest Point OHA Gold 46 goals to 45 on Saturday Afternoon where Jenni Gillam returned to partner Lizzie Arnold in the defence circle.

The defending champion Cripps Waratah came in third place on 60% with 18 wins from 30 games.

Club Points
MMiB Palena Panthers 10
Tassal Huon Valley 7
Cripps Waratah 5
AYC Co-op Toyota 4
Glendon Kingston Blues 3
Cooper Automotive Kilburn 2
Bendigo Bank South East Suns 1
St Lukes Karana 1
Wrest Point OHA 1
Friends 1
Good to Great Kingborough Tigers 1