Elise Archer Club Championships

The 2019 Club Championship is sponsored by our friend, Elise Archer. Cripps Waratah are the defending champion. The Club Championship promotes Club spirit, pride and commitment. The Elise Archer Club Championship award will be presented at the STNA Presentation Evening on Saturday 31st of August.

Round winners so far in 2019:
Round 1: Cripps Waratah
Round 2: Tassal Huon Valley
Round 3: Cripps Waratah
Round 4: Tassal Huon Valley
Round 5: Cripps Waratah
Round 6: Good to Great Kingborough Tigers
Round 7: Glendon Kingston Blues & Wrest Point OHA
Round 8: Cripps Waratah & Tassal Huon Valley
Round 9: Wrest Point OHA
Round 10: Glendon Kingston Blues
Round 11: MMiB Palena Panthers
Round 12: AYC Co-Op Toyota & Good to Great Kingborough Tigers
Round 13: Glendon Kingston Blues
Round 14: Tassal Huon Valley
Round 15: Tassal Huon Valley