Zambrero Premier League

Round 20
The Round 20 match between Cripps Waratah and Glendon Kingston Blues was a preview of the knockout semi- final in two weeks’ time. Cripps' defensive pressure was high from the first whistle; Kingston struggled to find rhythm with Elise Barwick taking Brooke Jones out of the game. Cripps worked through Kingston’s midcourt zone to their goal third, however struggled to feed the ball past Emily-Kate Garvey and Jen Hanlon. The end of the first quarter saw Cripps edging ahead 8 – 6. At quarter time Zoie Crawford entered the game at Goal Defence which took Cripps’ defensive intensity to the next level. Kingston’s transition from defence to attack struggled which resulted in them being unable to form a run of goals. At half time Cripps extended their lead 21 – 14. At three quarter time Lindy Aplin & Ash Bellamy and Sophie Visser & Bec Strong switched their positions, while Cripps remained unchanged. Zoie Crawford and Hannah Fazackerley were cleaning up the defensive rebounds while Sarah Pidgeon mirrored this at the other end. Part way through the third quarter Sophie Visser went off with injury time and was replaced by Club President, Emma Wilson. Cripps dominated the final part of the third quarter, scoring eight consecutive goals. The fourth quarter saw a slight resurgence from Kingston, led by Emma Wilson’s smooth shooting, but too little was too late and the final scores stood at 38 -30. Player of the match went to Elise Barwick after an impressive defensive display.

At 9:05pm Tassal Huon Valley were denied their first win of the season in an impressive encounter against AYC Toyota Aurion. Level at 1/4 time and three goals down at 3/4 time, Huon threw everything at the reigning premiers in the last quarter only to fall one goal short, 42-43. Player of the match went to Megan Cowen from Huon.