Stingas Player Application - Closed

Stingas Coaching Application - Closed

Stingas Program Policy

The Stingas program aims to develop players to play Netball ‘The Australian Way’

‘Netball the Australian way, is a game of spatial awareness, lightning fast movements, precision passing, dynamic attacking and defending moves, made within a team structure and culminating in spectacular high shots at goal from anywhere within the goal circle. Either in attack or defence, fast hands, fast feet, quick thinking and explosive speed completes the package.’

Squad members must play club and they must put their club commitments ahead of their Stingas commitments. Squad members are role models to younger players and their peers and as such are expected to act responsibly and speak positively about the program.

Congratulations to all players selected in the 2020 Stingas program:

Stingas 13
Mia Anderson Karana
Aimee Bean Karana
Lucy Booth Cripps Waratah
Mel Bremner Cripps Waratah
Emily Cooper Kilburn
Isobel Ferguson Cripps Waratah
Mackenzie Graves Kingston
Ella Jakubiszyn Cripps Waratah
Lucy Job Karana
Alyssa Mayne AYC
Lily McConnon Karana
Tia Mills AYC
Sienna Nowland Karana
Rianna Scott Karana
Julia Sorensen AYC
Natasha Williams Kilburn
Hannah Zalstein Kilburn

Coach - Karen Leonard
Assistant Coach - Judy Prokopeic
Apprentice Coach - Nicola Probert

Stingas 15
Maya Armstrong Cripps Waratah
Mackenzie Banks Cripps Waratah
Jordyn Banks Cripps Waratah
Kendylle Byers Cripps Waratah
Paige Carr SENA
Sophie Cassidy Kingston
Georgia Clark Palena
Charlotte Doyle Kingston
Mackenzie Ford Cripps Waratah
Amity Jakubiszyn Cripps Waratah
Abbie Jones Kingston
Madi Lamb Karana
Jessica Owen Karana
Lily Ransley Palena
Jess Weeding Palena
Grace White Palena
Mackenzie Williams Cripps Waratah

Coach - Clair Jones
Assistant Coach - Jo Blair

Stingas 17
Natalie Aitken Cripps Waratah
Ella Booth Cripps Waratah
Macy Bresnehan Cripps Waratah
Abby Brown Cripps Waratah
Imogen Brown Cripps Waratah
Lucy Clifford Kingston
Olivia Cummins Cripps Waratah
Amber Davies Cripps Waratah
Drew Dennis Cripps Waratah
Ruby Eastwood AYC
Sophie Ferguson Karana
Jade Ingram Palena
Scarlet Malloy Kilburn
Frances Reid Palena
Taya Webb Cripps Waratah
Sophie Weeding Palena

Coach - Karen Leonard
Assistant Coach - Marissa Brown