Junior Umpire

The Junior Umpire Development (JUD) Program, founded in 2009, aims at developing young umpire’s skills and to assist their progression to badge accreditation. Experienced badged umpires mentor participants regardless of Club affiliation.

Obtaining a C badge can take two or more seasons. Providing a junior with the opportunity to participate in the JUD program is a fast track.

Over the last 8 years there have been 111 JUD graduates. The program has produced 34 C Badge and 4 B Badges.

We're pleased to have had Adriana Taylor's ongoing support as the JUD Patron since 2014. Adriana has shown an interest in the development of junior umpires and acknowledges the importance of such a program for the benefit of our Association and sport.

Vital to the programs success are the experienced umpires that take on mentor/coach roles. These coaches provide written reports to the JUD participants explaining their progress and what they need to work on. Having this written communication between participant and coach allows for clear feedback and a historical record that the young umpires can look over and see how far they have developed throughout the season.

The participants visit a senior TNL match during the season to analyse highly accredited umpires, to ask questions and to expand their knowledge and understanding.

All participants work incredibly hard to improve and continue to challenge themselves by accepting higher grade games to expand their skills. Having the support and encouragement from their coaches makes the progression easier and less daunting.

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